Universal Orlando

Marvel Super Hero Island®

Celebrate the heroes in your group!
Starting with a red carpet arrival, an event at Marvel Super Hero Island® combines a colorful and vibrant comic book setting with some of the most renowned attractions in the universe for an evening like no other. Your attendees will connect in a distinctly unique way as they share an evening of unforgettable experiences and surprises leaving them super-energized.

Our Catering Team will help make you the hero by providing the perfect culinary options to meet your group’s needs.

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The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man® – now in high-def 3D

Put on your 3D glasses and join the world’s favorite web slinger as he battles an army of twisted villains to rescue the Statue of Liberty. Your attendees will race through a city exploding with heroic action in the most incredible action-packed 3D ride ever!

The Incredible Hulk Coaster® - Now Open

Feel the rush of becoming a gamma-charged Hulk. As your attendees race up to 67 miles per hour, their world turns upside down in zero gravity and this enhanced, high-speed roller coaster empowers them with the strength of a super hero.

Doctor Doom's Fearfall®

Challenge your attendees to take on the most power-crazed villain ever, and try to survive as he launches them up 150 menacing feet of steel, only to send them on the most dreadful plunge of their lives.

Storm Force Accelatron®

Your attendees will help the X-Men’s super hero Storm™ battle the evil Magneto™ as she summons the powers of nature in a whirling, twirling, spinning power generator!

Merchandise Stores

As your attendees stroll the action-packed streets of Marvel Super Hero Island®, tell them to look left, look right, and look up! If there aren’t any super villains in sight, they’d better hurry and shop for some cool Marvel® souvenirs and apparel while the streets are safe. And they’d better be careful, because any second…KRAKKKK-BOOOOOOOM!